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Cade specializes in

Hunter & Robin... Missing 9 weeks... Sold to a puppy mill... Cade finds them in one day

Bodhi... Closure for his family

Cade on PBS TV series Animal Attractions

Missing 11 days...
FOUND in 20 minutes!


Gone without a trace... Cade finds Abby in 20 minutes

Mishka...Escaped from a boarding facility... on the roam

Lucy... ShihTzu on the run... dog team tracks her over 10 miles

Sunshine... missing a week - found in 16 minutes

Rosie...Puppymill survivor lost in the marsh

Angelo... Cade works to find a confused dog

Miracle & Willie.. Finder's Keepers... but Cade changes their captor's mind

Lacy.. a puppymill survivor goes missing

Lola.. Frightened Shih Tzu on the roam in Oklahoma City

Havanese on the run...Found in 2 hours... Dr. T. Boekbinder DVM testimonial

Cade working the MidWest City Fires

rest in peace.... 
A legend in his own time.
February 5, 2005 to December 11, 2017 


Making the difference between Lost and Found...
He has been my partner for over a decade and sometimes I have to remind myself  he is a dog and not a human. Cade is unlike any dog I have ever had the pleasure to know and work with. He not only loves his work but has designed and refined a style of tracking scent that is the most effective and successful for this type of work. Yes... he designed this technique and it has become an industry standard.
When I  first began searching for missing pets I used the techniques I had learned from search and rescue for missing people. I quickly found that these techniques  were a great beginning but were not as effective for a missing dog. Cade figured this out too and over time he adapted his skills to encompass the addition of following subjects that have traveled long distances over a long period of time while criss-crossing over their own tracks. During a case, Cade makes decisions as to the most recent path or direction a subject has taken. We have taught this to all the dogs on our tracking teams.
CASE: Confirmed by witnesses:  A young dog panicked after being attacked by a pit bull... five weeks earlier.  Cade was brought in to follow a trail that had been criss-crossed over by the fleeing dog three times. The frightened dog was then picked up up in a car a 1/2 mile into his back and forth run, (total area covered was just over a mile). Cade ran the trail noting where the dog had crossed and then stopped and alerted at the exact location where the dog had been picked up in the car five weeks previous. The dog was recovered.
Cade has another skill that is awesome and extremely helpful,  he can detect the scent of his subject... from a quarter mile away. That means he can find his subject without a trail and run to the subject. The case of the missing French bulldogs to the left exemplifies this incredible skill. Nine Weeks GONE... the Recovery of the Frenchies.      A Tale of Two Danes is another example of Cade's tremendous abilities.
On a sadder not Cade has also been brought in to to find human remains and the trail a young teenager took when she was murdered. Cade and Dodger were brought in after the young girl had been missing six months. Both dogs correctly trailed to the area where several of the disarticulated human bones were found. The skill that Cade used for this case are a by-product of working missing dog cases... in this case it was used for a missing human.
He is an amazing individual and I am proud and greatful to have him in my life... he has become a legend in his own life time.

After a decade of service finding missing and lost pets...
We are proud to announce that Cade is being recognized for his contribution to our industry.


This dog is amazing!
County Sheriff... Lincoln, Oklahoma



No leads... no sightings
Cade finds them... 25 miles away

From a quarter mile away...
Cade picks up the dogs scent and...
 alerts us that the two dogs are being kept inside a puppy mill!

Sheriff units move in to seize and rescue both dogs!

Their story...Nine Weeks... GONE!

Karin,   Thank you so much for your help in getting my dogs back after being gone for NINE weeks... 
Without your help and Cade's fantastic nose, I would never have gotten them back..  
... And your support throughout the whole ordeal of getting them located and then talking with the Sheriff and District Attorney  and
actually getting them back into my arms is priceless. 
Pat Pearce



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