Private Investigator Angie Rutherford

Angie with Carson

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Private Investigator
Angie Rutherford
SSD - Scene, Sighting & Discovery
TREK-9 - Scent Specific Distance Tracking 
FELINE Find & Recovery Specialist

Saving animals...  a way of life
Dani takes scent

Animals have always been a constant in Angie Rutherford's life. From parakeets to dogs, horses to guinea pigs, Angie's life has always been for and about animals.

Wanting to work with animals, Angie became an Animal Control Humane Officer in Arkansas working to save and assist animals in the southern part of Arkansas. Life as an Animal Control Officer in rural Arkansas can be very tough and heartbreaking. Angie did her best to work with what she had to work with her and was able to save many animals that would otherwise have been euthanized or worst. In 2012, Angie and Karin TarQwyn met by chance during a lost dog case. Over the years, Angie selected three dogs that would be adopted and trained for the K9 teams at Lost Pet Professionals. After experiencing the sudden passing of her husband and best friend, Bob, she made the decision to make a change and join the K9 Handlers at LPP. 

Angie and Carson working a drive away scenario.



MASDN Certification Achieved



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