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By my approval below I acknowledge that I have read and understand the contract emailed to me and I accept the protocols and conditions as described in the contract. This contract and its stipulations and releases supersedes any other agreements or promises made whether oral or written and can only be modified in writing by Karin TarQwyn or an authorized representative of Lost Pet Professionals.

I completely understand that I as the pet owner and or/my representative may participate in the search efforts but do so at our own risk. I am responsible for advising all parties present for the search of this requirement. Should any of the aforementioned cause concern,  I will ask for clarification.

By my approval I am confirming my understanding and agreement with the protocols, stipulations and release of liability.

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I understand and agree with these statements & conditions.

 The Contract Addendums

I have read, understand and agree to abide by the following addendums which are included in my contract:

  • Roaming Dog Addendum 
  • Extreme Heat Addendum 
  • Cold Weather Addendum
  • Working with the K9 Team 


I understand and agree with the addendums.
  • Although we endeavor to help and assist in the return of missing pets, we do not guarantee that by using our services your pet will be found. Our clients pay for services based on the hourly use of our time, expenses and efforts. For this reason, we do not refund fees for services rendered.
  • The SEARCH TEAM, Private Investigator or Field Agent/ K9 Handler will not be held responsible or liable for any decision or theory whether correct or incorrect. An educated theory based on experience and comparable cases maybe necessary in certain situations which I understand as the pet owner or guardian I may accept or reject. 
  • I have received a fee schedule and understand what I will be charged for this service prior to scheduling.
  •  Cancellation Clause: Should I need or choose to cancel the search for any reason including the recovery or demise of my pet,  I understand that the Case Fee as well as the Location & Search fees, are non-refundable. Should I need to cancel the search for any reason, I understand and AGREE with this non-refundable clause.

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I understand and agree with the statements & conditions as described in the contract.


By typing in your name in the APPROVAL box below, you are agreeing to abide by the statements, conditions, addendums and protocols of this contract. Your name is your electronic signature and your approval of this contract.

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