The Company Store
Products & Equipment to aid in the search and recovery of a missing animal 


Every case is different... many times our pet owners need products and equipment to recover their missing pet.

This store has been designed for that purpose.

This is the equipment we use in our day to day work...  

We use Amazon because they have one day shipping on many items and as you know... time is of the essence.

Community Awareness Campaign

Placement and preparation of signage

The Search

Basic Equipment used in the search for a dog or cat.

Searching at Night

Many animals that are roaming or lost tend to come out more after it is dark. 

Attraction & Surveillance

When a pet is lost and roaming, it is imperative to attract her to one location so a recovery plan can be initiated.


Many pets will need to be captured in some type of trap or enclosure.

For immediate HELP call: 888-569-5775

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