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Me & Lucy... together again!
Me & Lucy... together again! Thank you!

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Getting help with your search... Professional vs. hobbyist

Who is Karin TarQwyn? How long has she been doing this?

What is Home by Phone? How does it work?

How do I know if I need tracking dogs?

My dog has been missing a long time... how long is too long?

How long will my pet's scent be good for the K9 tracking team?

How does this work? How much does it cost?

NOTE: At this time we only work missing  DOG cases. We do not work missing cat cases or other pets or wildlife. 



All pet detectives are NOT equal... D. Edelen... Sacramento, CA.

A very tough case... A. Knoll... Midwest Wheaten Rescue... Omaha, NE.

Havanese on the run... Dr. T. Boekbinder DVM... Carmel, CA.

Roaming Yorkshire terrier... K. Brock... Tuscaloosa, AL.

Hundreds of miles from home...K. West Davis, Austin, TX.

McDuff... A Wheaten love story... A Halstead... WIN Rescue

11 days GONE... Dante in El Paso, TX.

Happy pet owner...Shouting it out on craigslist

Lessons learned... J. Ashcroft...Norman, OK

7 miles & 2 weeks...M. Bowman... Auburn, AL

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Phone number: 888-569-5775
Our terms of service:
Although we endeavor to help and assist in the return of missing pets, we do not guarantee that by using our services your pet will be found. Our clients pay for services based on the hourly use of our time, expenses and efforts. For this reason, we do not refund fees for deposits or services rendered. 


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