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Attraction areas for frightened and roaming dog Beau
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In 90% of all missing pet situations...

Home by Phone

will provide the quickest and most affordable recovery.

 K9 Profiling.... Feline Profiling by Private Investigators specializing in missing, lost and stolen dogs and cats.

The art of profiling subjects is not a new technology or state of the art invention. The FBI, Private Investigators and detectives in law enforcement have been using this deductive system for years to solve crimes of all types; it can also be used to recover missing pets.

Profiling can also be used  to determine the most likely actions a missing dog or cat may take in a given situation. This can be not only the situation the missing pet is experiencing but even the actual path the animal took when he or she went missing. It can also deduce the likelihood of the individual animal being recovered by a citizen as well as the nuances, location and recovery techniques necessary to bring the furry family member home. 

Private Investigator Karin TarQwyn has pioneered this technique in the recovery of missing dogs and now feels it is the fastest and most effective recovery technique available for most missing pet situations. Most of the time the respective recovery strategies are successful without the need for on site assistance.


Affordable, Effective... and Very Successful!


Me & Lucy... together again!
Me & Lucy... together again! Thank you Karin

Above... Lucy on the run in Brooklyn... Click here to see how K9 Profiling and Aerial location resulted in her dramatic capture

Basil is home and recuperating.

Tiny Basil was on the roam for 10 days 
"I don't believe that we would have been able to capture Basil  without Karin's knowledge and expertise in tracking animals and  animal behavior. Basil, according to Karin was a classic roaming dog scenario; he was in a new environment and he has a  skittish temperament which made him go into survival mode and he didn't appear to even hear us when we saw him and tried to call him. Thank you from all the members of our family, both two footed and four."  
Karin B. Alabama

Cocoa... after being groomed... Home again!

Cocoa's family had no sightings or leads when they contacted Karin

MISSING 19 DAYS... 18 days with no sightings... Cocoa has been CAPTURED!! Thank you Karin TarQwyn! CLICK HERE!


Shannon... 8 miles in 8 days

Nugget... there is a difference when you work with a veteran professional

Darby... Karin on the phone... Volunteers on the ground

Padfoot & Kitty... Joy & Sorrow... Lessons learned

Boudreaux... City boy goes country and... gets LOST.

Choco was found with K9 PROFILING after being gone for 5 weeks

  'I had almost gave up hope of ever seeing Choco again.  I know he would not be here with us today if it was not for you. Karin, I can never thank you enough for what you have done for us.  We will never forget you." T. Jones & Choco, Rome, GA

Recovering Sadie... Tiny Dachshund recovered 5 miles from home

Six days and nights on the roam... No sightings or leads... Kobe is FOUND!

Ruby... Roaming & Found... she is kept by a citizen...

Tracking down a Bloodhound with K9 PROFILING

Maddy... missing for 5 days... Home 12 hours after Profiling session

Basil... lost in a town far from home...

Karin guided Shannons family to REUNION... click here

K9 PROFILING  & AERIAL LOCATION bring home Shannon!

LOST and frightened hundreds of miles from home...Karin worked with Shannon's family to find and recover her. Click here for her family's thoughts.


"The dogsitter lost my tiny Fiore while I was out of town. I came back to a nightmare of stories that didn't make sense . I called Karin and she helped give me hope that she would indeed be found and helped me stay positive. After the strategy session, I got calls from people that said they had been seeing Fiore. I only hoped they were right. Karin said they were.

SEVEN days later I got the call. I really don't know what I'd do without her. Thank you so much Karin!!! "   Tausha in Kansas City

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"Trust Karin, she is good at what she does and she CAN and WILL do whatever she can to help you!"   - Kristi M... Cornwall, NY... Pedro's Mom



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