a trial run at college....

 He's off and on the ROAM...


Hi Karin,

Here is the story of Basil and his rescue, which without your involvement would not have had this happy ending! Finding your website and emailing you about our missing dog was the best move I ever made!
Our story... How Basil came to be missing...

On a trial basis, Basil went to live with my daughter Jacquie . She is a college student and knew it wasn't fair to Basil at the time to bring him with her, but now she was almost graduated and we decided she should give it a try. That was on July 7th.

After a four hour drive to Tuscaloosa they settled in. Two days later while taking him on a walk in the neighborhood her roommate let him off leash in a park nearby thinking he wanted to chase a ball. He took off running and no matter how fast she ran trying to get him he disappeared. Jacquie got home from class and together they combed the area but it was 7pm when he ran off they couldn't find him.

The next day they put out flyers all over the neighborhood and surrounding areas and called all the Vet's and the animal shelters etc. Jacquie went to the Animal Shelter to check to see if he was there and to post her flyer. Other friends had joined in the search and posting of flyers along with stopping and talking to anyone they saw.

I joined in the search coming up from Gulf Shores along with Basils' brother Jack whom I thought might with his barking or scent get Basil's attention but although we canvassed the entire neighborhood both walking and driving we never saw any signs of him and we returned to Gulf Shores on Sunday without Basil.

after five long days...

On Monday, 5 nights after his disappearance, Jacquie received a phone call from someone saying they had spotted him across a very busy 4-lane road and had actually had him in their possession but he had run off again. Although we now had confirmation that he was still alive as the caller said that he had a red collar with a red tag on it which Basil did, we now knew that he was traveling farther than we had thought and was not in the area that we had searched for him that weekend.

After registering Basil as missing on many internet websites for lost dogs and placing an ad in a newspaper in Birmingham along with an ad that Jacquie placed in the Tuscaloosa paper, I started researching pet detectives. There were several sites that sounded good but something about Karin's website struck a cord with me (besides the fact that we spell our names the same). I emailed her with our situation Tuesday morning (now almost a week later) and within a couple of hours she called me. She immediately profiled Basil and figured out from what we knew where he would most likely be. She also designed eye-catching posters which were emailed to a local printer in Tuscaloosa for Jacquie to pick up later along with maps showing his likely path of travel and where to place the posters for the best possible effect. In the meantime Karin had talked to Jacquie helping her not only with what they would be doing but also with emotional support.


Karin sends Jacquie to the creek... Basil appears!

Wednesday, Jacquie and friends put out the posters and when Jacquie received another phone call saying Basil had been spotted in an entirely different neighborhood she called Karin. Karin sent her to the creek in that area and within minutes Basil appeared. Jacquie actually got within 20 feet of him. She called to him but after turning and looking at her, he took off running like something was after him. Karin fortunately had prepared Jacquie for this outcome. Since Basil has always been skittish and nervous of new people and things and very scared of thunder etc. Karin had already explained that he would probably not respond to us or our voices or even to his name. He was strictly going on scent and he was in survival mode ... more like a little coyote than our dog.

I decided to go to Tuscaloosa and when I got there I sat on the creek bank just like Karin had instructed Jacquie to but he never came by. We left some food as it was dark left for the day. We left Basil's kennel with some food in a backyard where he had been spotted which was near the creek system.

We decided to go back early the next morning to the back yard area he had been spotted in and we saw him about 20 feet away and followed him quietly but he started to trot down the street and when we called out again, he looked back not recognizing us , and took off running.
We again called Karin and decided that the only way to get him would be to trap him. After much talk about how to do it we decided to call the Animal Control to see if they had a Humane trap and if they would help. One of the officers met us Thursday afternoon (now 8 nights later) and we decided to put it where we had seen him that morning.

Early Friday morning we found a cat in the trap and since it was earlier than the previous morning we had seen Basil we decided to reset the trap and see if he would still show up. He did not come and we didn't hear anything for hours. We started to wonder if he had left the area. Around two we received a call that he had been spotted in the area and we rushed back calling the Animal Control officer again. He met us with another officer and we combed the area but again nothing. I did talk to a lady who had seen him back up at the creek so we decided to move the trap. The lady (Louise) whose back yard we were using had become very involved with us and when we decided to set the trap on the path to the creek she said she would keep an eye on it. Jacquie and I still didn't believe that we would really trap him and were trying to come to grips with the fact that we might not be able to get him back, although we felt that we had to do all we could reasonable do.

 We received the call!

Then we received THE call from Louise saying she heard barking coming from the creek area. We hurried over and met her at the path and there was Basil in the trap. Finally after 9 nights and 10 days out in the "wild" our little Yorkie was finally captured.

It was all a very emotional experience and took a lot out of all of us but we were very lucky. I don't believe that we would have been able to capture him without Karin's knowledge and expertise in tracking animals and in the knowledge of animal behavior. Basil, according to Karin was a classic roaming dog scenario along with being in a new environment and to top it all off his skittish temperament which made him go into survival mode not letting him hear us.

Basil is now back in Gulf Shores with his brother Jack along with our other 4-legged family members and doing very well. He lost weight but seems happy to be back. Jacquie might try bringing him back up sometime later but for now he will only go on visits.

Thank-you from all of us!
Karin Brock (along with Jacquie, family both 2 and 4 legged, and friends)






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