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Wheatens in Need Rescue

Wanted to share some excellent news with all of you who have been supportive in our search for Lacy.

Just to give everyone a little background, we rescued Lacy for WIN in October from a mill in KS. Like many puppy mill survivors, Lacy was badly matted, in need of vet care, and very much un-socialized. So many things scared poor Lacy, but we knew that with some love and patience, in time she would overcome the scars from the mill. Lacy was placed in a foster home here in Omaha, and her foster parents took good care of her. However, one night, a door was left open, and Lacy seized the opportunity. She bolted. This happened 9 days ago.

The search for Lacy began immediately. Along with the foster family, their extended family, our friends and fellow rescuers, Patt and Larry, Kent and I walked the area, placed posters, talked to anyone who we hoped might have seen her. We had 1 sighting, within 24 hours of Lacy's disappearance, and nothing since. We entered each new day with the hope we'd hear from someone who saw her, but that hope quickly vanished and a deep anguish and fear took its place. We were so worried. How could poor Lacy survive out there? She was not a ‘street savvy' dog. After all, she was locked up in a cage all her life, not allowed any experiences outside her 2x2 cell. And this is Nebraska in late November, when temperatures are falling well below freezing.

Then, a ray of hope. Our friends within WIN suggested Karin Tarqwyn, the canine investigator, and missing dog expert. How WIN came to know of Karin is a heartbreaking story. Little Macy had been in a situation much like Lacy, just recently. Macy was lost in TX, and despite best efforts, her story ended tragically, before we knew of Karin. Ray and Karen, best foster family in all of TX, if not in the nation, reached out to Karin.
By then, it was too late for Macy, but they did this in case this ever happened again. And when it happened with Lacy. We really didn't know what to expect at first. But after talking to Karin for over an hour, it was clear to me that she not only had the expertise, but also much passion and commitment for finding  dogs gone missing. Her heart was in it. I knew she could help us, and we were lucky enough that Karin and her Canine search team just returned from an assignment. Karin understood our worries, and agreed to drive from Oklahoma to Nebraska (over 8 hrs, each way) to help us look for Lacy. Karin begun helping us way before she reached Nebraska. She prepared the posters for us to post (what a difference a good poster makes!), coached us, gave us reasonable expectations, and great ideas including how to involve media and we were featured on one of the local news.


I was prepared for the search. What I wasn't prepared for, was the experience of working with Karin's Canine investigators. Cade, Dodger, Twist, and Paco, I'll never forget you. Seeing you in action was one of the top ‘most incredible' experiences I've ever had. These dedicated Canine investigators worked tirelessly, covering miles of unfriendly terrain in a single day. The most amazing thing was the consistency between dogs, and the fact that people would confirm sightings of Lacy in the areas where the dog team indicated Lacy's scent. Karin and her search team have 2-way communication that never failed.

Karin's experience, and the Canine search team talent, is what brought Lacy to safety. I never, in my wildest dreams, dared hoping she would be back home in just one day. But Karin, along with Cade, Dodger, Twist, and Paco, amazed us in more than one way. There is no doubt in my heart, that this team has made all the difference in bringing Lacy to safety.

She would not be back home if it wasn't for this committed team. What is important to note, is that Karin is a big supporter of rescue herself. She not only rescues and fosters, but her whole dog team is made of terrific dogs, all of which she rescued, and trained to help people and dogs, in desperate situations like ours.

Another thing to note is that Chase, our foster, was on hand to help as well. Chase and Lacy were rescued together with 2 others, from the same mill. Chase has paid such a high price for his freedom - he has lost his tongue in the mill. We weren't sure if we would have to use Chase to approach Lacy. We didn't have to, but Chase was there every step of the way, and was a great helper. He too was thrilled to see Karin and team be so professional and successful in their search for Lacy.

Thanks to all of you who have been thinking of Lacy and supporting our search for her. She is safe now, and we owe it all to Karin, Cade, Twist, Dodger, and Paco. If anyone is ever in the position of looking for a lost dog, keep Karin's info handy. I would wholeheartedly recommend this amazing team.

And little Macy, rest in peace. Your life was cut way too short, but by bringing us to Karin, you have helped save Lacy.

Thanks to all...

Alma Knoll


Cade taking a break.
Cade waiting to pick up the trail again.

Lacy found and captured... safe in her crate.

 About Lacy....
Lacy was rescued from a life as a production breeding bitch. She is believed to be between five and six years old. She was living  in a foster home  learning to adapt to life in a family when she went missing.


Lacy exhibited the following behaviour profile and characteristics:

  • Lacy was unfamiliar with life in the outside world. She spent all of her life in a facility in a cage situation.
  • Lacy is shy, skittish and fearful of people.
  • Lacy resorts to running or fleeing when afraid.
  • Due to the short duration, Lacy was not bonded to the foster family or the area where she went missing.
  • Lacy  exhibited escape behavior prior to this escape event.
  • Upon escaping the door, Lacy became frightened and bolted.

 The above characteristics and behaviours, are text book examples of a dog that would roam and wander if at large. Typically this dog does not allow any one to approach. This behaviour is very common with rescued dogs from puppy mills or large breeding facilities. 

Dodger tracking down towards the creek Lacy used to get around.


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