A city dog gets lost in the country... No sightings...
Profiling and strategic planning get him home



I am excited to tell you the good news - Boudreaux is home!

We had a call on Monday afternoon from someone who had seen him three days earlier about 7 miles southwest of us in a small rural township. We immediately went and put up more signs around the area being sure we hit those thru streets and major inter-connects. Within 24 hours we were called by someone who had seen him in her backyard the night before. Corey went out and called him several times and the dog came running to him, obvioiusly happy to be found. It was a wonderful moment!

Thank you so much for your help and encouragement. Your method of aerial analysis, signage and strategic placement was crucial to the initial sighting. After that, we used what you told us to place more signs in the new community.

 Our family is all together again. Thank you!

All the best,
Marlene Bowman
Auburn, AL


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