Missing 19 days... 17 days with no sightings...The call goes out to Karin

Missing 19 days...
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Cocoa... after being groomed... Home again!

"Karin... we know you are moving and not available but can you please help us?"

After putting up the 11x17 posters on Friday evening, we didn't hear anything until this morning. I got a call from a woman delivering newspapers that spotted her in the middle of the road a couple of country block over from where she was last spotted. She had just saw her 8 minutes before she called me which was VERY exciting!! I went to investigate and look in the woods near that area. After a few hours of looking, we got another call (another dog that was spotted) We ruled that one out quickly and then we recieved a call from a person who lived across the road from where cocoa was just spotted that morning. She told me that she has seen Cocoa on their patio, driveway last week for 3 days and then they were out of town this past weekend. They didn't know who to call and when they came home and saw the posters, she got in touch with me. We set up 4 live traps on her property late afternoon and while doing so, got a call from the neighbor next to them and she told me that they had seen Cocoa in the driveway Friday morning and saw the poster. We set a live trip in their driveway and then one in the next driveway  - - a new construction going up. It's all woods with tons of trails in between in this whole area. I found her when I checked the traps at 1:15 this morning, She was in the first one I checked on the new construction property. None of the other traps had anything in them (thank God). We are home and Cocoa has had one bath (man does she stink!) She is very thin. In the trap she had broasted chicken and we gave her plain hamburger when she got home. She's a bit raw on her belly because of matting that happened. She didn't recognize me right away and was growling, but after I called Paul and talked to her a bit, she started thumping her tail. She is so happy to be home and has reaquainted herself with her pet bed!!!
It's our wedding anniversary today and we couldn't ask for a better gift!
Thank you Karin TarQwyn for instructing me as to what to do. Your knowledge was invaluable and telling me "she was out there somewhere" stayed with me and gave me hope.
Thank you South Wood County Humane Society for the use of your live traps!
Thank you everyone for your thoughts, prayers and offers to help!!
Tammy Siefert
Plover, Wisconsin


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