Gone... without a trace....

 Missing for eleven days... Daisy disappeared from her home within seconds... and was not seen again until...

her desperate owner decided to call Karin...

During the Aerial Diagnostic, Karin told the pet owner that Daisy most likely traveled a path that lead to a field. Her finder later explained that she found Daisy in the field exactly as Karin predicted.


Hi, Karyn;
Just had to write this note to tell you HOW GRATEFUL I am for YOU!  If ANYONE is ever doubting using your service - for even a moment, please refer them to me. 
 My dog, Daisy, disappeard on Sunday, October 4th.  I didn't even sign up with you until yesterday, October 14th - TEN DAYS LATER.  I felt foolish for not calling you sooner, thinking it would be too late.  My dog is a 2 1/2 pound Teacuop Yorkie and is VERY valuable in a small town like mine - I seriously considered giving up my search and not wasting the money on your service yesterday.. especially after earlier seeing a small Yorkie that looked like mine - flattened in the road near my street.  I suspected the roadkilled doggie was my dog and felt there was NO way she could still be found after so long.
BOY WAS I WRONG!  I followed all of your instructions, put up the posters the same day I got them from you, even though I hadn't even slept from the night before - I pushed to get out the signs, finishing around 11PM.  I hardly even had the strength to do that - but I am so glad that I did!!   At 5:30 PM, TODAY, I got a call about my dog.  It is 6:15PM - and I have already been home with Daisy for the fifteen minutes!
Anyone that is looking for their lost pet - don't give up hope!!  I almost did. Please Don't Give up - and don't hesitate to Hire Karyn.  I thought a detective needed to BE HERE to help me find my dog, to search, not send me some posters and have me do the foot work.  Thank God for you, Karyn!  
Karyn's service is More that what you think - it works!! 
My TEACUP YORKIE that was missing for 11 days - in a city that borders Mexico - with no ID, no tags, no micro-chips - returned - within 24 hours of starting Karyn's program!!  My baby is home!! And she is so tiny that most wouldn't even have known she was a DOG!!  If Karyn could help me find my Daisy, she can help you!!!
 I had my doubts - but Karyn is knowledgeable - and I knew she was my last hope.  If your dog is missing - Offer the best reward you can for your dog, Consider your pet's market value, follow EVERY instruction Karyn gives you - don't question her, just do it.  
Karyn is THE BEST HOPE FOR FINDING YOUR LOST PET.  Don't question, it, just call.
I was hesitating to offer so much of a reward, not knowing how I could afford it - Plus Karyn's fees - but I offered a $1,000 reward for my dog with blind faith.  I knew someone could sell her for a handsome profit; she is not neutered or micro-chipped, purebred Yorkshire, under three pounds, fully trained, and five years old.  I was actually depressed that I couldn't offer $5,000, because I knew some would want to keep her as a pet.  When the lady  that had my dog called, I was unprepared, I've been working day and night without rest to make that extra money for the reward.  The woman ended up taking $500 from me, thankfully - and I offered to do her hair this weekend for a wedding, lol - which she accepted! 
 I am SO thankful to have my dog - and for this woman's mercy.  But I am MOST thankful for Karyn - without her program, I would have never known that my dog was only two blocks away.  The people that found my dog even told me that they found her in the same place Karyn told me she would have probably gone too.  THANK YOU, KARYN!!!!  I have my life back, again!!!

Very Sincerely;
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