DAISY is HOME!!!!  Her birthday present to other families with missing dogs....

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Daisy is Home!

Hi, I saw your ad on Craigslist...

Did you find your pet yet??

I lost mine on 10.4.09 here in El Paso, TX - On the west side.

Today (10/18/09) is her 5th birthday. We found her on the 16th...

To celebrate her birthday, we are trying to help others that are missing their babies, as well, so our joy can be shared.

She is now back home with me.. It was awful, so.. I know what you are going through. I found Daisy using this pet detective that my boyfriend found online. THIS IS NOT AN AD, I am a very grateful pet owner that now has my beloved baby girl back. I was VERY skeptical of hiring a detective from out of town, but she helped me find my dog within 24 hours of calling - after my baby was already gone 11 days! I know what you are going through. Please take this friendly advice and call Karyn TarQwyn, Pet Detective.

I have nothing to gain from this, I just want to help you, because I KNOW how desperate & heartbroken I felt Every Day my baby was missing - worried if she was sick, dying, dead, or needed me.. Worried someone would sell her for profit, or mistreat her.. Waking up every morning, expecting to see her tiny little face, only to find myself alone and unhappy.. It was as if someone had blotted out the sun... Now I have my sunshine back & we're celebrating. Please join my celebration by calling Karyn & getting your baby back.

When my dog was gone, I circled around road kill of two beautiful little doggies that were running together & lost their lives. One was a silver Yorkie, which I suspected was mone - the other, a white curly-haired dog, about 15-20 pounds...

The girl that rescued my dog told me that my little 2 1/2 lb Yorkie was trying to cross a VERY busy street when she found her.

I am so thankful & grateful to have my baby home. Please call Karyn - and let me know when you find your pet(s)!!!

My CL Ads for my dog:




The Detective that helped me find her:

Karyn TarQwyn, Pet Detective:

Her site: http://www.k9pi.com/

Her phone #: 402-414-5055

Don't hesitate!!! Your baby is out there, mine was, and she was the MOST unlikely dog to find!!!

If the pound finds your dog or cat & it scratches or bites them (in fear or defense), your dog will be PUT TO DEATH WITHIN 3 DAYS of them finding your pet!!!

Don't give up, pets don't just disappear. Your baby needs you to find him/her.

Good Luck!!!! We want to hear your success story; it will be Daisy's best b-day gift EVER!!

Very Sincerely;

Dante & Daisy


For the Quickest Response call 888-569-5775


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