Mindy... connecting the dots... finding the friendly stranger

Mindy was befriended by a concerened citizen...

Dear Karin-

We are so happy to have Mindy back home with us. Our family just wasn't complete without her. I don't know if (or when) we would have recovered her without your help. Recovery was in record timing!! 15 hours after beginning our campaign, she was located, and 5 hours after that, we held her in our arms.

As you could probably tell from our first conversation over the phone, I was quite skeptical about what you might have to offer. Honestly, I had not even had a chance to read your website, let alone had the opportunity to make myself familiar with what your work entailed. I was frustrated, that yet another day and night had gone by and no sign of Mindy. We had done what we knew to do. We had combed the neighborhood, called emergency vet offices and notified our own Vet. We had registered her as "lost" at the Humane Society. When I looked on Craigs List under lost and found and saw the link to your website, I took the chance and contacted you. I now know, this was  God sent.

Your confident, professional attitude assured me, that we were in capable hands. Your advise was straightforward and to the point. Within 4 hours of deciding to hire you, my family was out worrking the stratgegy focusing on areas around the city where you had mapped out.

See Karin, I also am a trained professional. As a physician I am required to take charge in crisis situations on a daily basis.I have learned to put my emotions on hold and move forward with the task on hand. But all it sudden I found myself on the receiving end. I did not have the proper experience or "hands on" training to conduct a search to find my Mindy. I felt helpless and paralyzed. But with your help, there now was a plan and thus hope.

So this is what happened: By 11 o'clock the next morning, my husband received a phone call. The caller stated, that he thought he knew where Mindy was. His friend had picked up a stray lab the day Mindy went missing. Here she was, trying to cross a very busy 5 lane midtown artery. Dashing out into heavy traffic and flagging cars to slow down, he rescued her to take her home with his other 2 dogs. His attempts to locate (us) the owners, had failed thus far and he had been trying but as you constantly told us... our dog was most likely further away then we thought... and she was.

We are so grateful to Mindy's rescuer, that he cared enough to stop his car midtraffic to save her. We are so thankful to you Karin, to care about bringing pets home to  their owners. ..and I am THANKFUL TO GOD that there are PEOPLE LIKE YOU out there, WHO CARE ABOUT ANOTHER'S PLIGHT.

As I am writing these lines, Mindy and our older dog Oliver lie next to me sleeping. LIFE IS GOOD !! Thank you for being instrumental in bringing our family back together.


Evelyn Reher MD, Omaha NE

(PS: Something funny. Since we did not have a suitable picture of Mindy, you recommended that any black lab picture could be used for the poster. We used a photo of a previous dog who we lost to old age earlier this year. The elderly lady who lives in the rescuers household was quite concerned about Mindy's health. Mindy obviously had lost weight.....
Another thing I wanted to mention:
when we took the signs down after Mindy's recovery, there was a young Lady taking off the information off one of them. She said she had rescued a stray off the streets 4 months ago and now had been worried it may be Mindy and she had to give her up. Knowing about this may give hope to pet owners who have been separated from their pet much longer than we had.) Thanks again and God Bless you...


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