Pet owner Stephany Corral... the search for Zoey


             my experience with Karin TarQwyn,

                                            Cade, Dodger, Twist and Paco

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Signage used in the search for Zoey

Reflections...on a wonderful experience.

Karin and her Rescue Team of four awesome dogs (Cade, Twist, Dodger & Paco) came to Carson City during the 2nd weekend in February on one of the most beautiful weekends we have had here since November. I never will forget it.

Karin did all the mapping strategies for me before she came so I would know exactly where to strategically place the Missing Dog posters and, flyers. She taught me what questions to ask when calls came in and how to capture a roaming dog if the need should arise while following up on sightings and go-see calls.

I learned there was so much more to finding a lost dog then getting in a car and driving around or hanging illegible posters in busy intersections..

Basically a profile has to be determined for each individual situation considering what actions the dog would take. Some dogs are shy, reserved, skittish some are lost in remote areas, some in big cities some have many sightings some have few. For instance, my dog was a roamer for over 5 weeks, scared of people but she was a little hunter/survivor so we were hoping she would survive for a while longer.

As we headed further and further north through town I became more and more apprehensive about what or if we would find any predatory evidence. Zoey had been out on the roam for about 5 weeks and although she is equipped with a year round winter coat and was fond of killing cats, ducks and birds I still feared for her life.

Cade and Twist led us to an area about 7 miles from where my pet Zoey left home to the bottom of a hill leading into Reno our neighboring city..

I received such an education in three short days from Karin and the dogs. I learned from the Rescue Team that each dog tracked differently and each had their own way of giving Karin signals of apparent scent or tracks, if the trail has ended or, evidence of predators in the area .

Some of these strategies are used in search and rescue efforts in humans also. On a lighter note, I learned how to hammer a poster in a telephone pole in 10 seconds or less with traffic whizzing by me...

But mostly I found another person who loves animals as much as I do and who understands that pets are like people to us and we miss them when they are gone.


The search begins where Zoey escaped...7 weeks earlier

Paco... in charge of client relations

My deepest endless gratitude, thanks and love to
Karin, Cade, Dodger, Twist and Little Paco for
giving their all to find Zoey.

Cade working in a neighborhood

The media shows up to cover the search

Working with the Sierras behind us

Zoey's scent found along this 1/2 mile fence row...

Twist heading down a hill on her two mile trek to the mountain

Then of course, the constant support and knowledge from Karin and the team made it easier to continue on not knowing what the results might be. Sometimes in life we have to take a daring risk which can end in joy or sadness. This was one of those times..

The reason I wanted Karin and the Rescue Dogs to come out was really because I couldn't stand not knowing what had happened to my treasured pet. There were many sightings all over town but it was getting more and more confusing as to whether any of these sightings were really her.. Knowing full well that the ending resolution may not have been what I wanted it to be, I put in my call to Karin and put the next step and last attempt in her hands.

In my case, the resolution we faced was that there was only about a 25% chance that Zoey could still be alive with the evidence of coyote and possibly mountain lion tracks and markings at the bottom off the hill. This area was where Cade,Twist and Dodger all confirmed each others' resolution that Zoey's trail went in but did not come out. I know believe that my beloved pet will not return home again.

I am beginning the closure process which will take me a while. I know I would have never found it if the team had not come out here.


Cade working in Carson City

I truly do not regret one thing, one minute or one dime I have spent on trying to find Zoey. I feel very fortunate and lucky to have met Cade, Doder,Twist and my favorite little Paco. The dogs have taught me how humanistic they can be.. These four comrades exhibited compassion, enthusiasm, heart, drive, spunk, reasoning, determination and above all friendship. What more can you ask for in one weekend!!

And then there is Karin TarQwyn, K9- PI. This
petite women with the biggest heart, has no boundaries where finding pets for others is concerned. I would have never made it through all this without having her on the other end of the phone and finally meeting her face to face. This has not been an easy road losing a cherished family member but yes this was a very worthwhile experience for me. Even though the odds were not in my favor for recovery, I still kept hope alive for a very long time.

I will never forget this experience I can't help but believe it will only make me grow somehow as a person. I know a new window will open for me one day soon, and I will look forward to this.
My deepest endless gratitude, thanks and love to
Karin, Cade, Dodger, Twist and Little Paco for
all their hard work ,efforts and giving their
all to find Zoey.



From Stephany to each of the dogs involved in her search...


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