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Mini Doxie... on the Run!  Sadie is found 5 miles from home....
Thanks to K9 PROFILING

Welcome home Sadie

Sadie... recovered over 5 miles from home

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Sadie traveled North... 5 miles up the river.

 Celebrating the recovery of a tiny dachshund...

I know that I didn't get this sent out as quickly as I planned to, but we have been celebrating Sadie's return.
I want you to know that Mary and I would have never found Sadie without your help.
We would have not known what direction to look, and would have wasted a lot of time passing out flyers and posting flyers on bulletin boards. You looked at the map, told us which direction Sadie would head, and what intersections to post the signs that you designed. The signage was perfect, they did the trick. We put the first ones out Wednesday night, and got a call of a sighting on Thursday night. The sighting was old, but we searched the woods around the area.
Then after dark, we went further out in the direction of the sighting and posted additional signs at other intersections. It was those that we posted on Thursday night, that triggered several phone calls on Friday night of sightings within the last 24 hours, and finally one of a sighting within the last hour.
We went to the address we were given and within 10 minutes of walking through the woods and calling her name, my wife turned around and there was Sadie following us.
It took us about 10 minutes of coaxing with treats to get her where we could catch hold of the collar and pick her up.
We immediately called a mobile grooming service and she received a Flea and Tick bath. The groomer picked over 50 ticks off of her. We are headed to the vet first thing in the morning to get antibiotics and heart worm treatments for both her and Ford. Ford tracked through a lot of woods with us in the last two weeks, and during that time, we pulled a lot of ticks off of him as well.

I just want you to know how much this means to us. Thanks again.

Here is the address where we captured Sadie:  Bowen Road, Rougemont, NC.
 Over 5 miles from our home!


Mark Hagensicker


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