Celebrating Diesel's return....

Seven days on the ROAM... in the San Francisco Bay area  
 An exhausted
   Diesel is FOUND...

Diesel slept for three days after he was recovered.
Home... exhausted but SAFE!

AREA of interest Map... Karin said Look here!
When missing dogs have a genetic predisposition towards certain behaviours
Diesel is recovered in the area of interest Karin focused on in the AERIAL Location

A pet owner's gratitude...

DIESEL IS HOME!!!!!!!!! The much awaited call was received @1:30pm from PHS. Diesel was found in Daly City close to the 280 Freeway entrance... (seen on Karin TarQwyn's map).

 Thanks to all my friends and family who gave us support and help us with the search. Diesel is okay now and tomorrow he will visit his Vet.

Special thanks to Karin - I've learned so much from you!

For those who need help finding their missing pet - reach out to her, she is really good!

M. Torres...San Bruno, CA.


Diesel is HOME....


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