Seven days... NO LEADS!

         Roaming for 2 days.... then FOUND and kept by citizens...

                               Ruby finally gets home..

Ruby is FOUND and kept... K9 PROFILING session brings her HOME! 

Ruby is found after 7 days
Home... safe and FOUND!

On the roam for 2 days... Ruby is found and kept...

Ruby was found by a lady and her husband, while walking their dog Wed night of last week. They came across Ruby when she bolted out of some tall grass during a thunder storm in the area. She came right up to the couple and the lady took her home. At that time, our tiny Ruby had been wandering the streets for two days. We do not know why the finders did not try to find us or call? But we do know the signs from our campaign were seen by her husband the day after we placed all of them based on your strategy and instructions. He contacted us at 2:30 on Monday. and by 5:00 (at a public place like you said),  there was our Ruby!

Ruby lost a little bit of weight, but she is doing fine now. I guess being on the run for 48 hours before being picked up was an adventure to say the least.
She had made it west of the Broomfield Park and into the Eagle Trace golf area.
If you look at a map, she was found right off of 10th Ave. as pinpointed on the strategy.

 WOW! What a story and we are so happy to have her home. We immediately removed all the
signs.  We are thankful that we called you... it was the deciding factor in finding her.

Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts!
Sean and Jo... Broomfield, CO.


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