Dodger... The Specialist
Superior Scent Detection K9 

Bio-Decomp Alert
Predator Hazard Alert

"If Cade is the telescope... Dodger is our microscope!"

I was at a shelter to help evaluate adoption prospects for a rescue group. As we headed towards those pets in the most serious need of placement, I saw a little white dog sitting at the gate of his kennel just staring at me. It was one of those moments in time you remember. I swear I could hear him say, "Look at me." So I did.

He met my gaze with courage and kindness and then I looked up at the card on his kennel and noticed that he was in line for euthanasia. I realized in that one glance ... a specialness in his eyes and I could not leave him there.

Dodger decided that he not only could do this work but that he could do it very well. He is an Investigative Specialist with many specialties to his credit.

We call our Ozark Mountain Feist, the little professor. When the time comes in each case for microscopic and detailed work, it is Dodger that comes in to provide the necessary skills. Whether it is finding the exact trail footstep by footstep a dog has walked or coming in to help a pet owner with closure when their much loved family member has met with an accident, it is good natured Dodger that provides the evidence.

Dodger is invaluable to the team... and more importantly - to my life.

Dodger is now retired and living large in the mountains of Northern California. 


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