Cujo... Missing 3 weeks... found in 12 hours

Cujo missing 3 weeks... found in 12 hours


 Here is the story about my dog Cujo. He is a 14 year old Husky Chow, he is blind in one eye and is having problems with the other one. He is also very hard of hearing, you know just age I guess. Well any way I just moved 70 miles from a home he had known for three years, fenced yard and all that. It has been hard on all my dogs but Cujo especially. It had taken a week to do the move while I was working and we arrived after dark on Sunday night. Did not have time to get him use to the new surroundings, and I had to be at a meeting first thing in the morning. Being it was supposed to be a nice day I left my dogs outside to enjoy the new place. 

Well I decided to come home after the meeting, only two of my dogs were here, yeah my fault. Cujo was nowhere in site. This was May 4, the weather turned snowy, when I got off work I went looking for him anyway, no luck. In the three weeks since then I did everything I could think of to get the word out. Meanwhile two more heavy spring snow storms came thru, still nothing. I used every tecnique I could find, no luck, I called shelters, no luck. Everyone told me to give up, I said I would in six months not sooner. 

I looked on and saw Karins ad. even though she was in Nebraska, and me living in Colorado I contacted her, we had a conversation and she suggested a strategy which I agreed to follow. Karin arranged everything and 12 hours after I began her suggestions, I recieved a call. ( I was eating in a resturant) I dropped what I was doing paid my bill and one and a half hours later Cujo was home. Thank you Karin for your work and strategy. George L. Castle Rock, Colorado


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