Ringo... elusive Jack Russell... on the run in Michigan


Ringo went missing while traveling with his family

While traveling with his new family, Ringo escapes beginning 5 days of constant searching and manoeuvring of strategies..
First off both Donna and I are very grateful for your guidance and assistance in finding Ringo, our roaming JRT. He is spending the Memorial day holiday with us on our boat on Lake St. Clair seemingly quite content.

The combination of your services integrated into the PET AmberALERT is truly remarkable. For many, the first time loss of a pet is overwhelming. Panic, fear, anxiety, guilt, grief cloud our thoughts. Your calm decisive advice and instructions not only provide a course of action but send a message of hope and support.

Our story ended in the best possible way, recovery in safe and sound condition. The Pet AmberALERT and your guidance proved invaluable. No words are strong enough to express our gratitude, so a simple "Thank You" must suffice. We will sing your praise and pray that pet owners losing their precious family members find their way to you.

Terry Hart
Senior Vice President
Glacial Energy


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