Max... closure in Colorado

Max went missing in Westminster, CO.

... not what we wanted... but better than not knowing what happened...
Hi Karin,
I just wanted to thank you for your help in finding Max.
Our daughter was watching him for us at her house while we were out of town and he escaped out of her front door on Friday evening June 3rd. We came home and searched all night Friday, and the rest of the weekend. We put up some small flyers in the area, filed lost reports with all of the shelters, and did everything that we could think of to find him, with no luck.
We saw your ad on Craigslist on Wednesday and called you right away. We implemented your community awareness campaign and strategy. We had most of the signs up by Wednesday evening. On Sunday June 12th. someone saw one of the signs and called to say that they had seen Max in an open field behind their house, both Saturday and Sunday the week before. They tried to get him to come to them with treats etc, but he would not let them get close. 
 We were headed over to the area to search when we got another call. The same people that called us decided to go out in the field where they had last seen Max... they found Max's remains. Unfortunately he had been killed by a Coyote.
This was obviously not the outcome we had hoped for, but one of the hardest parts of this ordeal was the uncertainty and not knowing if Max was still out there or if he was suffering.
Without your help we would have never been able to get any closure and would probably still be out searching for him, and wondering. Your process worked exactly as you said it would, and we appreciate the help and guidance you gave us.

Thanks again, -Brian in Arvata, CO.



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