The longest 2 weeks and 2 days of my life... Finding Lily!

Karin & Pet AmberALERT joined forces to recover Ringo.

We may never know the whole story... but Lily is recovered.

      It's amazing! Lily our ShihTzu is finally home!!!  Thank YOU!!!

We may never know the whole story... but we don't care... she is home.

Someone cut the hair on her ears and tail, and I think they might have put hair gel on her, but she seems ok so far otherwise! She's back to getting her toys together and snuggling on her favorite chair in our living room. We're going to take her to the vet, and we didn't give her a full bath yesterday night yet; overall, though, she seems ok.

So, yesterday, I got a call from our vet saying that someone named Ronald who lives, literally, about 6 blocks away from us, had Max, which is because I'm sure we mixed up the numbers on their vaccination tags since we take Max and Lily to the vet together. Anyway, Jeremy, my boyfriend, called Ronald and picked up Lily as quickly as he could. Ronald, who has two cats of his own, didn't want a reward and said he just wanted to make sure Lily got back to her family because he'd be upset if he lost either of his cats.

Last week, on Wednesday, I had gotten a call from a lady named Rachel who had said she'd seen Lily Tuesday and then saw her again as she was talking to me on her cell phone. I had rushed over to where Rachel was and met Rachel and her son. When I got there the dog that Rachel thought was Lily and that dog's owners were gone from the apartment where a neighbor said they lived. I did call the Aurora police at that point. The police officer, Officer Seiwald, who arrived did take a short report, but told me that there wasn't much that the police could or would do; anything they would do would be done with only if I was present, it seems. So, if I wanted to approach anyone with questions about Lily and wanted the police there, they would come with me, but they wouldn't go to ask about her without me present.

Anyway, I'm not sure if word got around that I was talking with the police and the people that had Lily let her go out of fear. Maybe Lily escaped. Maybe Lily wasn't the puppy they had thought she was initially and they didn't want her anymore. I'm not sure how Lily ended up on Joliet , but I'm so grateful that people kept looking for her, calling us, and eventually getting her back home to us.

Karin... I can't thank you enough. When I thought Lily was gone forever and there was nothing else I could do, you supported me and gave me new ideas. Just doing anything that might slightly help was better than sitting and grieving the loss of Lily.

Thank you, sincerely!   Liz



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