Kate... the wayward whippet   



  Great news! Kate’s back! 

 At 11pm eastern time last night, 6 ½ hrs. after I submitted the Pet AmberALERT and purchased the profiling package, Kate showed up in the front yard when my husband took our other whippet out to the bathroom. It took us an hour to coax her into the house and she did a  lot of barking (first time I had ever heard her bark). She was full of ticks, had a few scratches and bruises, was very hungry & thirsty. We cleaned her up, pulled about 60 ticks off, bathed, fed and watered  her and she slept like a baby in my arms for a good while and continued sleeping in her bed the remainder of the night. I’ve attached a couple of photos of Kate.

Hopefully she won’t run again, but if she does, at least I now know there are individuals such as yourself who are very helpful in helping us locate her.Thanks again!    Liz & Dennis Woodard  & Kate


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