Found 20 miles away... Rufus traveled 12 miles in the first day!

Rufus moments after his recovery


 Hi Karin,

Rufus and I were reunited last night, 20 miles from my house!!! It seems he finally just got tired enough, he was laying on a nice young family's front lawn when the husband came home from work. I got a call from the wife at 7:15pm, asking if I had lost a dog named Rufus? And the first thing I said was: "Can you put a leash on him?"

He still had his thundershirt on, his collar and tags, and even his brown bandana, which I'm going to frame. He's in remarkably great shape: he has a surface abrasion on his back left leg and is limping a little on his front left leg, and had a pretty bad case of fleas...but otherwise, is perfectly fine! Lost only about 4 lbs, the vet expects him to make a full recovery!!

I can't thank you both enough for all your help through this process. He was sighted seven times from last Wed evening, 6/1 to yesterday morning, 6/6, all in Montebello. Each time I got a sighting, that created my new POD--and I had an amazing set of friends and family who helped me blanket each sighting area with posters/flyers/interviews, etc. Although he migrated another 8 miles south to Pico Rivera from Montebello (!!), I KNOW that the collective positive energy and chatter throughout Montebello had something to do with him finally deciding that his "walkabout" was over. Or, he just really wanted another hot dog.

So THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for your expertise and guidance through this. I know I am super-lucky. And I am so very grateful.

Here's a photo of our reunion :)

Meg M. in Montebello, CA.


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