Superior Scent Detection K9
The heart of a lion...


Rescued from a big city shelter, this super energetic Jack Russell Terrier went through three homes before coming to our attention. A take charge lady with a strong sense of herself, she was not the ideal pet for most people.

I was visiting a friend when the Director of a local rescue pointed her out to me. She continually yapped and barked doing everything and anything to get noticed. I liked her spark and agreed to foster her while another home could be found. We quickly went from foster to forever as the plucky little dog proved her metal. She learns at lightning speed. No other dog we have trained has learned this business as quick; at her first training she proved she had the intelligence, heart and drive it takes for this work.

Recently while working a case in the wilderness, Twist began to pull hard on her harness demanding that we go up the side of a mountain to the cliffs above. As always I "trust the dogs", so our small group of observers and pet owner, followed the little dog up the steep hillside. When we reached the top Twist looked back at me and then went to the pet owner and jumped up on her. She was clearly asking the pet owner to follow her which she did. Twist trailed her way along the rim of the cliff and alerted at a predator's den. In her own way, little Twist was trying to tell woman that her pet had unfortunately met with a predator. It was truly a sad moment and soon Dodger found evidence confirming what Twist was trying to explain. It was a bittersweet moment; sadness at the passing of a much loved family member but also admiration for Twist and what can only be explained as canine compassion by selecting the dog's owner from the group and asking her to follow. Although I was sad at the elderly dogs passing, I was very proud of Twist.

Twist proves my philosophy that it is not about the breed of the dog... but the heart of the dog. And Twist has the heart of a lion.

On January 16, 2016 Twist crossed the bridge... Rest in Peace my noblest of friends and partners. 


 A TWIST of fate...

She's never been kissed
This sweet K9 miss
Yes, HER name is Twist!!
Put her top of your list
Cause this is the gist.

She jumps and she shouts
While spinning about
Just follow her lead
and she'll show you top speed.

No canine companion has
Heart, drive and spunk
to find the right scent
and keep on the hunt.

With the heart of a lion,
This pint size sensation
brings joy to your soul
and teaches compassion.

by pet owner Stephany Corral



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