Roaming Dog addendum to contract

Roaming Dog Addendum to Contract

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It is possible that your missing dog is roaming and at large. This scenario can be among the most complicated of situations and it is necessary that there is an understanding of the possibilities and reasonable course of actions to take.

The handler and dog team will pursue the tracking of a roaming dog utilizing the most expedient techniques the handler feels are justified. This can be a variety of techniques to include but is not limited to: scent scans, perimeter and boundary scans, skip tracking the most probable direction or travel, community awareness to include signs and other publicity oriented processes, witness development of high probability areas as well as on the ground scent trailing by the dog team. The tracking dogs are a tool and are put in use only when their continued tracking will move the search forward to the next level. The motivation, health and welfare of the dog team will always be the first concern.

There may also be times when the handler decides that the best action is to stand by. When the decision is made to stand by the handler and the dog team will leave the immediate area and wait nearby to allow for possible sightings and witness accounts to develop. The handler and dog team may proceed as they see fit while remaining on stand by status for possible leads, sightings and clues to develop. While on stand by, there is no guarantee that leads, clues or sightings will develop but only that the handler will remain in the area to pursue those actions necessary as the search unfolds.

Should you decide to have  the Field Agent/Handler and the K9 team pursue capture techniques, stand by and working rates will be combined to facilitate the time necessary to attract, condition and capture a roaming dog.

The process and our ultimate goal:

• Direction of travel
• Verification of confirmed sightings
• Narrowing the Search area
• Reaching the general area where we believe the dog is traveling
• Attraction and/or conditioning techniques to allow the dog to be coaxed in or captured

If we find that your dog is roaming it is important to understand that we will work diligently and tirelessly to narrow the search area and reach the most recent locations where we believe your dog is traveling. It is important to note in this scenario that a roaming dog does not travel in a linear direction and that even though the scent dogs appear to go in a general direction, you must realize that your dog is not traveling in this way. Instead he or she is most likely moving in the general direction and the scent dogs are trailing in a scent alley.
ACTUAL tracking, as exhibited by most bloodhounds that follow the subject footstep by footstep, has not proven effective when a dog has been roaming for over five days. Our goal is to narrow the Search area and reach the general vicinity we feel the dog is moving in. That said, roaming dogs move and change locations for many reason to include inclement weather, fear and perceived threat, finding a better food or water source, change in terrain and even fear of being pursued by those trying to help him as well as other situations outside of the handlers control. This is a process.

Experience has proven that the dog team can begin to get tired and lose motivation if they are kept on the road for more than five days. It is understood that the dog team will not be kept away from home for more than five days at a time... including travel days.

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