Extreme HEAT Addendum to Contract


Working in Extreme HEAT

When the temperature is above 89 degrees



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The requests for help with missing dogs never stops...regardless the time or season. During the summer we experience difficult extremes in regards to temperature in certain parts of the country. For the safety of all concerned, we have weather and temperature guidelines that we follow.

When working in 80-89 degrees Fahrenheit.
When working in this climate we generally use our own bodies to tell us when we need to stop, rest or cool down. These temperatures generally do not present a problem but we will be cautious.

Between 90 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit
At these temperatures we will work in staggered sessions generally not allowing any one dog to be out more than 10 minutes at a time. Once each dog returns to the truck we will work to cool the dog down until we feel the dog is restoring to his normal body temperature and is comfortable.

Between 96 degrees and 99 degrees Fahrenheit... We decide these situations on a case by case basis.
These temperatures and weather situations are very hard on both humans and dogs. We are very careful when pursuing a case in this weather scenario and utilize not only staggered work sessions but extended recuperation times for both handler and canines. We may work the dogs for four to seven minutes at a time and then restore the dog's body temperature and comfort as described above.

The dog team will not work if the temperature is over 100 degrees. Should this occur, we will stop work and/or wait until it is cooler.

As the client you must sign and be aware that we will work a modified work plan in order to prevent injury and illness in extreme heat and humidity. In an extreme case, we may need to stop our work all together if the Field Agent/Handler  or one of the K9s does not acclimate and return to normal.

All fees and charges will remain as quoted in the contract. We do not subtract for staggered work sessions designed to prevent illness and injury. These are known hazards when working in extreme heat. Should any dog appear to be in distress, we will stop the search and obtain medical care for the dog immediately.

By your signature on the approval page of the contract you are agreeing with this practice.


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