High Altitude Addendum to Contract


Working in High Altitudes...

When the altitude is 3500' or above

Working to prevent Acute Mountain Sickness


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One of the most common problems we have when working in Colorado and other parts of the country above the 3,500 foot elevation level, is acclimating to the higher altitude in the brief time we are in the area.

Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) is a real concern for us as we do not have the luxury of staying in the higher altitude for a few days before we begin our strenuous work... running and jogging up and down streets, fields, hills and mountains. We had never even heard of AMS until  an unfortunate situation in which Private Investigator Karin TarQwyn was jogging down a hill in Aurora, Colorado following a tracking dog and became light headed and unable to think straight. She shook her head and kept going. Within 15 minutes, Karin passed out not knowing that she was experiencing the symptoms of Acute Mountain Sickness. She had not prepared and was working that day as she did anywhere else in the world. Today, we know this is a mistake thus the need to work in staggered sessions.

When working above 3,500 feet, we will work for 45 minutes and then stop for 10 minutes allowing our bodies to restore oxygen. We will hydrate continually before and during our work. We will also have those items necessary to treat AMS if symptoms show up during our work. As long as the symptoms subside, we will continue.

As the client you must sign and be aware that we will work a modified work plan in order to prevent an onset of Acute Mountain Sickness. In an extreme case, we may need to stop our work all together if the  Field Agent/Handler or of one of the K9s does not acclimate and return to normal.

All fees and charges will remain as quoted in the contract. We do not subtract for staggered work sessions designed to prevent the onset of AMS. It is a known hazard when working in higher altitudes.

By your signature on the approval page of the contract you are agreeing with this practice.

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