Brodie is a specialist... he works both on line and off

Brodie is a German Wire haired Pointer

"I was working a case and was in the process of checking a shelter in Des Moines for the missing dog we were searching for when I heard crazy and incessant barking coming from one of the holding kennels...
It was Brodie." Karin TarQwyn

Brodie... rebel with a cause
Brodie left this place on April 6, 2015. He is dearly missed by all knew this tremendous individual.
Rest in Peace... we will never forget you or all you taught us about finding missing animals. 

As I walked the halls at the ARF shelter looking for a missing dog, I heard a terrible raucous coming from the one of the holding kennels. When I got to the noisy kennel I saw a large German Wirehaired pointer standing in the middle of the pen barking his head off. As happens with those dogs that are called... he looked into my eyes and I knew... he was one. I really did not have room at my house at the time for another dog but the kennel staff told me his story and saw my demeanor change. Brodie had been surrendered by his family along with all the other family pets because the young couple had just had a baby and did not want to be bothered with  pets. It was an awful situation for Brodie. With a little encouragement from the the pet owner I was working with, I decided to test him.
And it was no easy test. I did not know the dog and he did not know me but if he could understand me in the five minute test,  I knew he would be great. We took him to a large room  literally filled with toys. I selected one toy and put my scent on it and threw the toy. The big pointer ran after the toy and brought it back to me. I then had the staff remove Brodie while I hid the toy in another room. When the big dog returned I told him to find it. Intuitively the dog knew and ran to the door motioning for someone to open the door for him. He proceeded to the next room, found the toy and brought it back to me. By now much of the kennel staff had  gathered in the big room cheering for the large scruffy dog. I told them I would give him one more test and they removed him from the room again. I took the toy and went over to a barrel of thirty or more toys.  I hid the toy at the bottom of the barrel and refilled the barrel with toys. When Brodie returned to the room, I again told him to find it. He checked the room and then went to the barrel, knocked it over and dug through the toys until he found the one that I had put my scent on. He of course brought me the toy. In five minutes I discovered he could  decipher scent and was intelligent enough to understand what I was asking of him with only a simple instruction. Brodie joined the team that day.
To become a member of the K9 team, we look for dogs that not only have a strong ability to detect scent but also for dogs that are independent thinkers. When working a case,  the handler runs on the dumb end of the leash; the tracking dog makes the decisions and instructs how to get to the missing pet the quickest. Brodie moved onto the team quickly and within three months was working back up on cases. Today he is lieutenant to our lead dog Cade.
It was a great decison that day in Iowa.. both for Brodie and for me.


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