Zero... tough little Min Pin gets lost... Karin and pet owner work night and day to recover him


Zero after he just got home... Note the wear on his pads from being on the roam


When I first called you, I was in tears and could not imagine anything else I could do to find my min-pin, Zero, who had been missing for about 36 hours at the time. He had jumped from my car in a parking lot and bolted immediately out of site. On my own, I concentrated on a very small area around that site. I called the shelter, I printed paper flyers, but I wasn't getting any new leads.


As soon as you took my information and began creating maps, signs and gathering clues about his behavior, my story changed. People began calling with sightings almost immediately after I expanded my search to the perimeters you recommended. I found people who had seen him, not once but twice! I was, however, always a few steps behind him it seemed.  I took our other dog out as you recommended and walked the area we suspected he might be in.


Zero... just recoveredWithin 24 hours of our initial conversation, I got a call from a man who was actively watching Zero explore an area you had highlighted as a potential location - the area we had taken the other dog to. I kept him on the phone, advising him not to chase Zero, as you recommended as I sped down the highway to his location. He kept constant visual on Zero from the south. I came around from the north, parked my vehicle, and began to slowly walk the terrain with my Samaritan partner advising me if/when he saw Zero move. I gently called Zero's name as I walked, and then, I heard it! His tags were jingling! I walked towards the sound, called his name, and he appeared, excitedly, behind some chicken wire fencing. In his excitement, he forgot how to get out of the fenced area. I walked over to the opening and he raced towards me and literally jumped into my arms.  I had been expecting a chase, but he defied those odds! Although he was a little muddy, and clearly dehydrated and tired, his vet said that he has no serious injuries and should be well hydrated again in a day or two.


Without contacting you, I would have never gone far enough north to get to him. I would have never placed signs as big and attention-grabbing as the ones you developed. I would have never walked door-to-door in the neighborhoods I did. Your understanding of a dog's instincts, the way to attract people's attention, landscape and animal survival were critical to his recovery. Your constant communication with me kept me calm when I might have otherwise broken down in tears. Your advice to get rest between sightings and maintain my physical and mental strength helped keep me going. You kept me informed on best and worst scenarios which kept me prepared that this could be a long haul for days or weeks. The combination of your excellent and clear communication of information, plus the dozens of hours I spent on foot are most certainly the reason my story had a beautiful, happy ending. This situation is absolutely "best case scenario" and I could not have done it alone.  Additionally, working with you has taught me a lot about canine behavior - very valuable information!


You are truly Zero's angel and I honestly do not know if he would have ever come home if we had not enlisted your services!

Thank you...


Melissa B.... Cheyenne, Wyoming



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