Lilly... roamed for 5 weeks and was found 8 miles away

     Young pitbull missing 5 weeks...

                    no leads, no sightings... FOUND in 48 hours

Lillie was found 12 miles away...

Dear Karin,
I just wanted to let you know that Lilly is doing great. Apart from the weight loss, she seems in good health. She had a ton of ticks and scabs, but her spirit is up! She is still going strong and seems very happy to be at home. And boy, so are we...!!!
 I took some photos last night, but I did not have a chance to send them to you yet. I will do it later tonight. Lilly lost allot of weight while out on the roam
We can't thank you enough!!! I am so glad we decided to consult you, because your experience and expertise brought her back to us. I honestly think we would not have got her back without you. It is wonderful that there are dedicated people like you out there.
  All the best and thank you so much again!!!

Nicole and Thomas


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