Mariah... home at last

     Tiny Min Pin faces 13 days

                  of life in the wild... among coyotes!                   


Mariah survived over a week in wild among coyotes.

To stay alive, Mariah dug a small hole under the bush where she was found. It is likely she hid in that bush much of the time while missing.

Click to enlarge...Mariah's Sightings.. She was found in the big field to the right of her sightings.

Mariah was thin and weak when she was found... but she was ALIVE!

Mariah the day after her rescue... she had many cuts due to the barb wire fences and briars in the fields.

Hi Karin:

Here is our story...
On Saturday, March 10 at 2:45pm, the landscaper left the side yard door unlocked and slightly open; needless to say, both of my min pins ventured into the neighborhood and got lost! Two hours later when we returned home and realized the nightmare that had happened with our two furry kids, I got weak in the knees and our world turned upside down. We quickly realized that Scrappy Doo and Mariah did not have their collars with tags on! They also were not micro chipped.
The odds were against us and the search desperately began. My husband and I searched all afternoon and late that night until 2 am. We had gotten hot leads from people in the community who had seen the dogs until 5pm, but the leads didn't bring our babies home that night.
At 5 am, Sunday morning, we created and printed color fliers and my husband began to post the fliers and continue to ask people in the community if they have seen either of our family pets. Nonetheless, by 7am, my husband came home with Scrappy Doo in his arms! A family in our community had rescued Scrappy and cared for him and began to post fliers of "Found Dog" with Scrappy's picture. Wow! What a blessing. One baby home and one more to find and bring home.
We posted over 300+ color fliers, received hot and cold leads and no Mariah. My husband and I searched for Mariah countless hours during the day and late nights. All we could think about is where is our baby girl Mariah and we are an incomplete family without her! Our hurt and concern for Mariah grew stronger and stronger every day that she did not come home and our desperation and depression grew stronger and stronger every day. We felt as though we were in a world of hopelessness that no one understood.
 After 9 days of cold leads and countless hours of searching for Mariah and having no sense of direction where she could possible be...I learned about Karin TarQwyn, a Private Investigator who specializes in missing and lost dogs. After completing a preliminary case review with Karin, she was convinced and certain that Mariah was in the rural area close to where she was last physically verified. I thought for sure someone had taken Mariah and did not want to return her to us. Karin felt strongly to the contrary; due to Mariah's shy, timid and skiddish characteristics, Karin knew that she was not captured but wandering and out in the rural area. In my heart, I believed Karin and I was elated but sad at the same time. With Karin's support and expertise, I knew we would find Mariah, but in what condition was I going to find my baby remained to be unknown. After 9 days of extreme cold and rainy weather and with cows, coyotes, snakes, raccoons and other wild life in this massive rural area, I knew time was against us.
We immediately hired Karin and that was the BEST decision we could have EVER made! Karin was on it right away! She completed and presented a campaign that she wanted implemented asap and she provided us a copy of the craigslist ad that she created for "Lost Mariah." Karin gave me hope and confidence; I knew in my heart that she cared and most importantly understood the crisis we were experiencing. She was passionate and was definitely a subject matter expert in lost and missing dogs.
Friday night at 8pm on March 23, 2012, a lady by the name of Tamra called my cell phone and left a message stating me she thought she had found Mariah and to please call her asap. Remembering the tips and direction Karin gave us, I called Tamra and had her describe Mariah to me. Tamra gave me information and a specific detail/description of Mariah that I had not disclosed to anyone and that verified that it was our baby!! We picked up Mariah immediately from Tamra's home and brought Mariah home. Tamra was is an avid runner and runs with her three big dogs in a rural area near her home. As she was jogging her usual route with her dogs, her dogs ran toward a bush because they heard a noise. As all three of her big dogs ran toward the bush, Tamra was running behind her dogs and thought it was a squirrel. Her three big heroes surrounded this little animal and when Tamra got closer, the little animal surrendered by turning on her back and growling at these three big dogs that were closing in on her...Tamra realized it was a injured, weak, starving and lost little dog! It was Mariah! She picked her up with her jacket and they immediately returned to her home. Mariah was weak, full of ticks, her skin and stomach were badly cut and infected from the bob wire fence that surrounded the rural area, and she was very skinny. After removing tons of ticks off Mariah's body, bathing and feeding her, Tamra decided to search on craigslist under "Lost and Found " to see if anyone had posted any information on Mariah. Sure enough, Tamra saw Karin's ad of "Lost Mariah". Karin stressed the importance of placing Mariah's Lost picture poster to the community and craigslist was one part of Karin's verd diverse campaign. This is the method that Tamra was able to verify that Mariah belonged to a family that desperately was searching for her; in this ad is where Tamra found my contact number and called me asap! Tamra mentioned that if it wasn't for her three big furry heroes, Mariah would have ran and not been captured.
The next morning Mariah was seen by her doctor and gave her medicine and antibiotics; she is on the road to a full recovery. Everyone can't believe Mariah is alive and home. This was a true blessing and a miracle from above! With one of the few angels like Karin TarQwyn and Tamra and her three furry pet heroes, and the angel from above, this was no coincidence! Never, ever give up on hope and faith! Mariah is a reminder that it is possible for a happy ending.
Patty O.... Sacramento, CA


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