14 year old Joey before he went missing

  Joey... lost in the woods for six days.

              " Thank you so much... You are the best Karin & Jordina!"                    Lori in Haddam, CT.


a 14 year old West Highland White terrier went missing, when a visitor unknowingly left a gate open at night. Joey fled into the dark and was lost to the woods.

Joey... lost in the woods... FOUND

Joey, my 14 year old West Highland Terrier went missing on June 14th at 9pm when a house guest left all of our gates open. Joey had never gone missing before. We searched all night. The next day we placed signs & searched every road in our town several times.
Day four we had Karin's team come in with their tracking dogs & Joey's scent was picked up immediately. We live in a heavily wooded area & Karin said it was the second worst terrain her team had ever been on. Joey was tracked to a an area that was impossible for us to cross on foot. We placed more signs in that area based on Karins findings. We got the call the next evening that Joey was found on the same round where the dogs had tracked him however he was on the other side where we could not cross. If we could have removed that barrier we would have found him the day before.
So many people thought Joey had perished. It goes to show you that you can never give up hope & just because a dog is older does not mean they cannot survive. Joey did just that in a heavily wooded area that is full of coyotes, fisher Cats & other predators. One man said to us "missing or eaten" we did not listen. Joey spent five full days & nights in those woods & lost almost half is body weight. He is now resting comforatble on his favorite pillow. We are so happy to have him back safe & sound.
If you dog or cat goes missing do not waste precious time. Karin's team is super & they truly care about your animals well being. I cannot thank them enough!!!!!! I will never forget what they did for us. Lori and Joey


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