Abby found in 20 minutes

Gone Without a trace... missing 11 days
Staying with friends while her family is on vacation...
Abby bolts, runs.... and disappears. 
From Abby's Mom...What we learned... Call Karin first!!!! 

From Menlo Park Fire Department Division Chief
My name is Frank Fraone. You began your search at for Abby near my home on Wednesday. First I want to thank you very much for finding her. We had searched for days and even at night using thermal imaging cameras. I have worked with search dogs for years through the FEMA US&R program. We have a K-9 training site at our facility. I am very connected with K-9 search dogs across the country. If you ever need a recommendation, please let me know. Thank you so much.

Frank Fraone
Division Chief...  Menlo Park Fire Department


Abby's family says it best...
Awesome! You guys are great ! Use us anytime for references, it was a a quick recovery. We can't thank you enough that you were here during our time of need. Again great job you & your team did..
All the best
Abby, Suzy and Jack Nelson
Redwood City, CA. 


from Abby's family...
 CALL KARIN FIRST! We lost our dog 11 days ago. We put up fliers, walked house to house, went to the pound every other day, posted on Facebook, placed into on Craig's List and local paper. We were exhausted and so very sad. Then - we called Karin. She spoke to us in the evening, prepared signage and made arrangements to meet us with her dogs in the morning. One hour later - our dog was in our arms. Thank you Karin - more than you can ever know. Suzy Nelson

No sightings... no leads. The little white Coton de Tulear... just disappeared.

From Karin... tracking Abby.

With no credible sightings we started the dog team from the point of escape. Cade began the case and headed to the west. He tracked a 1/2 mile crossing streets and checking for scent as he went. He quickly continued down the paved hillside. Just before the third intersection, the big brown dog stopped and turned back to a house on the east side of the street. He tried to get into the yard from street side. On the night Abby disappeared, the dog sitters had followed her and then lost her in this area. When we knocked on the door, no one was home but the decision was made by a friend of the homeowners to allow us to enter the property. We proceeded down the side yard and Cade alerted towards the basement garage. I saw a flash of white... and a small dog clambered further into the basement and climbed up behind some old appliances.Abby moments after her captureI brought the pet owner around and had him look in between the appliances. He excitedly said that it was his Abby! I shut the pet owner and the dog inside the basement and... waited. Within a few minutes Abby came out from behind the junk to her happy Dad. All was secured and she was transported to the car... and to the waiting arms of her family.

Great story... great ending but here's a note about shy and frightened dogs. All the yards and homes in that area were searched by Abby's family and friends... including that basement... and Abby never made a sound or came out. The family at the home also did not know the little dog was in their basement. Again the old adage... when a STARS dog is missing... many times they hear but do not respond to their owner's calls.

 Good job Cade and Welcome home Abby!


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