Cade and the dog team brings closure to Michael...

Sadly...A fisherman confirms Bodhi's demise an hour after this news cast.

 "Karin... Thank you for helping me reach some closure with Bodhi. It has been a tough few days since we met on the beach but I'm feeling better knowing the answers now. Bodhi was my life and I will miss him dearly. It will probably take me months if not years to fully let him go. I am so grateful for the service you provided and you are truly gifted at your calling. Words cannot express how much gratitude I have for your help. I'm sure as time goes on, I will reach out to you again and thank you."

With Love

Michael McCarthy


 Cade, Camden and Teagan alert... Bodhi entered Lake Michigan but did not come back out.

From our Case log: 

Today... This morning we began our search for Bodhi on Lake Michigan. Cade started us off and immediately picked up the elderly dog's scent and began tracking Bodhi through a path in the dunes and out to the water. We scanned Cade in several places along the shore and road and then asked him where he had Bodhi's scent last... Cade went back to the same spot on the shore and walked out into the waves. Teagan began his search and had the same findings at the same point on the beach. ABC News arrived and began filming as we started Camden about a block away from the property where Bodhi had last been seen. The big bloodhound mix, picked up Bodhi's scent on the wind and ran to the beach then down the shore past several homes. 

Cam alerts at the shoreline

Like his two canine team members before him, Cam stopped at the same place on the shore line. He then began to bark, his alert to us signifying the scent trail has ended. He then walked over to us and jumped up on Michael and me... a kind of doggie condolence. We had to smile as the young dog tried to tell us what even he knew was bad news.

As we said in the newscast, it appeared that Bodhi had went into the water and did not come back out. The newscast was televised in the early evening and within an hour, a fisherman had contacted Michael to say he had seen the body of a dog floating about three miles off the shore of Lake Michigan earlier in the week. He knew it was someone's dog so he took some photos of the deceased canine. The fisherman emailed the photos to Michael and we were able to confirm that the deceased dog was in fact Bodhi.

These are not results we work for but in this case, the dog team was able to bring closure to Bodhi's family by guiding us all to the shoreline where Bodhi entered the water. We later learned that on the night Bodhi went missing, the waves were very high and there was a riptide warning in effect. Just two days earlier a teenager had also drown in the big lake. When Cade went into the waves to alert, even he was pushed around by the waves. Bodhi would not have been able to keep his balance when he entered the water in the dark. Our sincere and heartfelt thanks to the fisherman who was able to photograph the remains making it possible for Michael to know with no doubt that Bodhi had crossed over as the dog team had told him.

Rest in Peace dear Bodhi... you touched the lives of many people... and experienced life with Michael through thick and thin... you will be missed... and honored.


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