A happy ending for a second chance dog...

She came to Wild Dog Rescue after living most of her life on a two foot chain fastened to a metal dog house. For most of her six years she lived this life through rain, snow, sleet and heat. Kismet and a chance meeting brought her to the attention of Wild Dog Rescue in Saugatuck, Michigan. She was beyond shy and aloof to the point of xenophobia, extreme fright of everything including humans. Gradually the frightened dog allowed the Rescue Director, Lani, a small friendship. For two mo nths she spent her life getting used to life with a human household as she recuperated from heart worm treatments.

In preparation for her spaying she was brought to a local vet where she slipped her collar as kennel staff led her outside the fenced enclosure; Scarlet was gone within seconds. The rescue and Harbor Humane Society joined together for a grueling three weeks of searching and attempts to capture the elusive canine.

Karin suggested tasks and techniques the professional specialists use to recover shy, roaming dogs. After three grueling weeks and many sleepless nights, rescue director, Lani Mossey, requested an on location search to locate and capture Scarlet.

Dodger located the scent trail of the fleeing dog within minutes and strategic decisions were made as to how to proceed. After only three days, Scarlet was attracted in, conditioned to the capture methods and finally recovered as she accepted one of the capture apparatus.

Scarlet's story is a classic case of professionals and volunteers working together for a successful homecoming. The Michigan volunteers are to be commended for their consistency, compassion and loyalty to this second chance dog.



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