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K9 Handler Jennifer Stephenson with IKE

K9 Handler Jennifer Stephenson
SSD - Scene, Sighting & Discovery
TREK-9 - Scent Specific Distance Tracking 
CANINE Specialty Tracking - Roaming Dog

MASDN Certification Achieved

Jennifer and Ike working a 3 month old trail down a mountain.

"My dogs are my world; I would move heaven and earth for them. I want to help others who are going through a tragedy that for me would be one of my biggest nightmares."
Jennifer Stephenson


A dog lover since birth, Jennifer was the kid in the neighborhood that brought home all the loose dogs who happened to meander down her block. Sympathetic to the plight of others, she would wait in the front yard with the "stray" dog while her Mom and Dad got on the phone and helped her search for the family the wandering dog belonged to. Like many of the handlers at LPP, Jennifer is also an equestrian. When she was horse showing, her thoughts were never far from dogs. More than once, her attention would stray from the horse show to the dogs running around the show grounds or a litter of puppies who needed homes.  "Getting her very own dog" was one of the first adult decisions she made when she moved out on her own. Brie, became a her best friend and confidante;  ultimately it was the relationship with the little Jack Russell Terrier that convinced Jennifer to join Lost Pet Professionals.


Jennifer and mighty lead dog, IKE

Jennifer met Karin when she was volunteering for a major lost dog campaign that was taking place in Oklahoma City. She was intrigued by the communication between Karin and her team of tracking dogs. As the  dedicated dogs worked their way through each investigation, facts and solutions were pieced together as they solved the mystery of each missing pet. Jennifer knew that this was the next step in her life and thus began her training as a K9 Handler.

Based in Oklahoma, Jennifer, IKE, Journey and Milo travel the central United States working to help families reunite with their lost and missing furry family members.


K9 Handler Jennifer Stephenson

A team effort... Finding Kodi

K9 Handler Jennifer Stephenson



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