The Missing Pet Industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the country.
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If you are interested in working as a K9 Handler in the missing pet industry, I encourage you to fill out the form below.

We are interested in working with individuals who are passionate, ethical and who can understand the grief and panic people go through when their much loved pet goes missing. Individuals who will find this work challenging and rewarding will have a professional and calm attitude as well as  a passion for people and animals. 

Our certification is a multi-step process which can be viewed here. K9 handlers achieve certifications through the Missing Animal Scent Dog Network - Course work includes candidate interview for suitability, coursework, on location training camps, a mentored and structured practice and experiential case regime as well as probono work. We have a multi tiered certification ladder which you can review here

If you would like to inquire and Live the Adventure... please fill out the form below.

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Lost Pet Professionals, (LPP), is a nationwide alliance of Private Investigators and K9 Handlers working together to locate and recover missing, lost and stolen pets. LPP is the training resource for the Missing Animal Scent Dog Network, (MASDN). The decision to train any individual, group or K9 is at the complete discretion of Karin TarQwyn and Lost Pet Professionals.

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