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When and How to use a "Lost My Kitty Animal Alert"

Alerting your neighbors and the surrounding community. 


There are benchmark moments in most searches where we need to reach out to the surrounding community for leads and sightings. In many situations the leads provided are crucial and critical to the safe recovery of the pet.


We use "Broadcast to Residence Animal Alerts" in these situations:

  • When a cat is first noticed missing
  • When we have initial sightings of the cat
  • When the leads and/or sightings decrease and it is felt the cat may have moved to another area
  • When we have sightings of the cat in an area outside our primary search area
  • When we have a cat roaming in a defined area and we need information to help decide on the location to set up a feed station or humane trap.
  • When we receive leads telling us that the kitty has been seen with someone in a defined area, (kitty has been recovered by citizen)
  • We generally combine "Animal Alerts" with a signage campaign creating a more synergistic and long lasting public notification.   



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