Karin,   Thank you so much for your help in getting my dogs back after being gone for NINE weeks...  Without your help and Cade's fantastic nose, I would never have gotten them back..  
... And your support throughout the whole ordeal of getting them located and then talking with the Sheriff and District Attorney  and 
actually getting them back into my arms is priceless. 
Pat Pearce




This dog is amazing!
County Sheriff... Lincoln-Oklahoma

When do we need a K9 Handler and dog team to come and help us?

If any of these circumstances apply, we generally suggest an on location search with a K9 Team:

  • The missing dog went missing from a place other than his/her home
  • The dog is shy, aloof, reserved or skittish
  • There are no leads, sightings or clues
  • There are several sightings and the pet owner is unsure which are valid
  • The dogs profile or appearance may encourage seizure recovery by citizen
  • The dog is lost in a remote area
  • The dog has been missing more than five days
  • There are immediate medical concerns
  • The pet owner wants to utilize every possible avenue to recover their missing family member

Fees for on site work are based on location, travel and investigative hours. Call to discover if this is the best option for your missing dog's situation.



    Missing 9 days... FOUND & RECOVERED in 1 day
...She is safe now, and we owe it all to Karin, Cade, Twist, Dodger, and Paco.
If anyone is ever in the position of looking for a lost dog,  I would wholeheartedly recommend this amazing team. 
Alma Knoll, MidWest Wheaten Terrier Rescue

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No leads... no sightings
Cade finds them... 25 miles away

From a quarter mile away...
Cade picks up the dogs scent and...
 alerts us that the two dogs are being kept inside a puppy mill!

Sheriff units move in to seize and rescue both dogs!

Their story...Nine Weeks... GONE!


Missing 9 weeks... Home in 7 hours!


**Although we endeavor to help and assist in the return of missing pets, we do not guarantee that by using our services your pet will be found. Our clients pay for services based on the hourly use of our time, expenses and efforts. For this reason, we do not refund fees for services rendered.



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