Paco... The General




Ode to Paco... from a client

Target Dog, Magnet Dog , mini- TRACKER
Everything bundled in one small package!

Paco is called into action more than any other dog on the team. He is our little General and cheerleader and keeps the detection dogs motivated. He travels with us and his importance as a target dog cannot be overlooked. Paco is our token lost dog and the other detection dogs go out to find him to stay sharp and keen in their training. Kind of a K9 hide and go seek! 

Due to an illness on the team, we were once faced with a situation where we needed the nose of another dog while on the road. Paco had exhibited his desire to show us his stuff on other occasions and the decision was made to let him try. The little dog stepped up to the challenge and I gave him the missing dogs scent.  He took off nose down and running. We confirmed his trail twice with other dogs; he was dead on track.

Since then Paco  has trained as a versatile member of  the team. We believe he quietly learned to track by watching the other dogs as he lay in hiding during training.  He not only learned the basics but also the alerts for different nuances of the search.We have used him in small spaces as well as in neighborhoods and even during an ice storm in Minnesota when Dodger got hurt while crossing an icy stream. (This is by no means his favorite type of search but it was an emergency!)
I continue to be amazed by what these dogs can and will do. Needless to say, we could not do without this little 5 pound wonder.
We are sad to report... ON November 23, 2016, our litle General crossed the bridge... Rest in Peace Paco... none of us would be here today without you. 



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