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The questions asked and the techniques used by North America's Number One Missing Pet Recovery Team  when taking information on a sighting or lead from a witness.

Make the most of your leads....

The Call & Sightings Journal

Type of call:     Sighting       Lead        Supporter     Other

Date called:


Name of caller/witness:

Phone No:

Probing questions to ask to confirm identity of the cat the witness saw:

1. To compare size:

If you were standing next to the animal you saw, where on your body would that cat come to in height?

What would you guess the animal you saw weighed? More than 5 pounds... more than 20 pounds? etc...


2. Unique features
Did you notice a collar? (Do not state whether your pet did or did not have a collar on when she went missing)
Did you notice _____
(a unique or prominent feature your pet has like tail, ears,color)

Can you describe the color or markings of the animal you saw?

Information about the sighting or lead

Where did you see my pet?

Street and cross street


When did you see my pet?

What time of day? Was it dark or light outside?

What was my cat doing when you saw her/him?

walking       trotting          resting       eating          other


If my pet left or ran off when you saw him, in which direction did he go?


Doing the GO See's... The results when you went to see if the pet was yours

Went to check lead or sighting on:    


Comments and information for future reference:




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