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 BREAKING NEWS... Karin and her K9 Team track 7 miles to find and capture Shiloh... in one day!
News coverage by CBS News below.

click here Tracking Dogs Track 7 Miles to Find Shiloh

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Work one-to-one with North America's renowned
Missing Pet P.I. 

Since 2005, Private Investigator Karin TarQwyn has assisted over 2,000 pet owners with the search and recovery of their missing pets... she can help you too.

From a client...
"Karin was able to take an unpredictable, emotional situation and steady it using techniques she has honed over time. She understands not only her dogs but I was amazed how much better she knew Angelo in some ways than I did. She obviously loves what she does and is passionate about it as well as compassionate about what we were going through too. She was someone to lean on when I desperately needed someone to lead the way and it's hard to put into words what that meant at the time. Happily, we were extremely lucky; our treasured boy is home with us where he belongs!"

Thank you Karin, We will never forget what you did for us- Never!
Diane, Sarah, Steve, Matt and Angelo Mierz read Angelo's story here  


 When my dog Jack went missing, it was truly the worst experience of my life. I was a private investigator and was also trained in the search and recovery of missing people. However, like most people experiencing a missing dog crisis, I did not know what happened to Jack or what we would be the most effective. I put up fliers, walked and drove miles and miles of fields and streets but I did not receive the one lead that would bring Jack home. Today, I know the search for a missing dog goes beyond fliers, talking to people and driving around. The search for a missing dog must be performed based on what has actually happened to the pet.
Four and half months after Jack went missing, I was rewarded with the  phone call that ended my search for Jack and began a whole new life for me. Yes, Jack was found and it is a story that rivals those of Lassie and The Incredible Journey. To read about Jack's great adventure click here
Within weeks of Jack's recovery, I switched my private investigative agency from humans to missing pets and I have been working full time in the missing pet industry since that day. After working thousands of successful cases, I know I can help you.
How we can work together...
Fill out the form to the right. I will call and together we will go over your missing pets case. I will profile not only your missing dog but also the escape or missing event as well as the geographic environment and population centers where your pet went missing. While you are on the phone with me, I will summarize my findings, explain what has most likely happened and then explain the steps necessary to recover him or her. At that time, I can outline how we can help you perform those tasks or will give you instructions on how to complete them on your own.
I urge you fill out the form, send your pet's photo if you have one and complete the payment request. I will be in touch with you ASAP so we can begin your recovery plan immediately.
Hope to talk with you soon. ~Karin 

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